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If you are looking for the qualified and registered realtor to help you buy the best houses and properties for sale, you definitely have tailored the right words to say: I AM the right REALTOR you need to consult to in Sacramento, California!


I am Rafael Reyes Spindola, a professional realtor, making no false claims to turn around your home buying plans a success, unlike other internet-based real estate companies and realtors that are only good hurling a crack at transactions but lacking real action to meet your home buying needs. In short, what they have is a gabby connection to your business but never really taking the appropriate action to help you out. At Realty Source, I walk the talk because I value client satisfaction.

I act according to your expectations, willing to make good business, render quality service and produce positive results that are unrivaled by other realtors. Once you entrusted your finances I make sure that they are in good hands. My experience in real estate business has widened my horizon—my skills,

experience, knowledge and all—to better serve home buyers and businesses in Sacramento and other home seekers who need my help in the whole of California.

My expertise to help you buy your desired home at an affordable price is an exemplary means why I make business successful. In a real estate business, I do not cut corners, I take the process. Among the guidelines that I set out for myself, a sound principle that other realtors seldom practice, to better help find a house for you are the following:

I値l tell you the truth!
- If you want to list a home, I will advise you to enlist your house for its fair market value. I put the time in not only to show you comparable properties that are currently for sale but also ones that have been sold. I won稚 tell you that your house will sell for a certain amount just to get your listing.

- If you plan to buy a home or property for sale, I値l take the time to discover your needs. What style of home, the area you would like to be in, and your price range among others. I will work with you until we find your perfect home. I値l help you determine your housing needs to help you choose the best property in Sacramento, California.

I値l work for you
- You are looking for a Realtor in Sacramento, California for a reason. It is therefore important to have someone experienced handling everything from phone calls to contracts. I can be that someone.

- I値l provide housing resources to help you make the right decisions.

- I値l take time to bring buyers and sellers together.

- I鼠l study the local area for trends in pricing and selling houses and properties.

I´ll be Available!

- If you want an agent who embraces the convenience of technology without losing personal touch, you値l love the resources available on my website and the e-mail alerts that I send. I can serve as your personal guide through the exciting process of choosing among the houses and properties for sale. You shouldn稚 worry because I can take care of your housing problems.

Let痴 talk about your home buying and/or selling plans, and I値l be more than happy to serve you when you call me at 916 275-0900.